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rotor construction of induction motor

Electric motor - Induction, Rotor, Stator Britannica

Some special induction motors are constructed with insulated coils in the rotor similar to those in the stator winding. The rotor windings are usually of a three-phase type with

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Squirrel-cage rotor - Wikipedia

The field windings in the stator of an induction motor set up a rotating magnetic field through the rotor. The relative motion between this field and the rotor induces electric current in the conductive bars. In turn these currents lengthwise in the conductors react with the magnetic field of the motor to produce force acting at a tangent orthogonal to the rotor, resulting in torque to turn the shaft. In effect the rotor is carried around with the magnetic field but at a slightly slower rate of rotation. T

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Rotor (electric) - Wikipedia

Induction (asynchronous) motors, generators and alternators (synchronous) have an electromagnetic system consisting of a stator and rotor. There are two designs for the rotor in an induction motor: squirrel cage and wound. In generators and alternators, the rotor designs are salient pole or cylindrical. The squirrel-cage rotor consists of laminated steel in the core with evenly space

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Induction motor - Wikipedia

History. A model of Nikola Tesla's first induction motor at the Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Serbia. Squirrel-cage rotor construction, showing only the center three laminations. In 1824, the French physicist François

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Rotor Induction Motor - an overview ScienceDirect Topics

A wound-rotor induction motor is an induction motor in which the secondary circuit consists of a polyphase winding or coils whose terminals are either short circuited or

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What is a Rotor : Construction, Working and Its Types

Construction and Working Principle of a Rotor In a three-phase induction motor , once an AC is applied to the rotor then the windings of stator strengthen to generate a rotary magnetic flux. The flux generates a

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Induction Motor: Construction, Working principle

How does the rotor rotate in an Induction motor? So, after the generation of the rotating magnetic field, the rotor conductors start interacting with the magnetic field. Assume a

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Construction of Induction Motor and Types of Rotor in

Construction of Induction Motor and Types of Rotor in Induction Motor: The stator of an Construction of Induction Motor is similar to that of a synchronous machine and is wound for three phases, modem practice

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Construction of Three Phase Induction Motor Electrical4U

2012年2月24日  Rotor: The rotor is a rotating part of induction motor. The rotor is connected to the mechanical load through the shaft. The rotor of the three phase induction motor are further classified as Squirrel

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